Period Guides for Young Adults

Celebrate your body (and its changes, too!)

Sonya Renee Taylor

Celebrate Your Body encourages girls to face this whole puberty thing with excitement and empowerment. This is a standout among puberty books for girls has the answers you're looking for, delivered with relatable language.

Why we love it: It says it in the title! Encouraging anyone to celebrate their body is high on the Marilyn-agenda. Period stigma can be a thing of the past!

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The Book About Periods: For All Young People (Not Just the Girls)

Olivia Brinkley-Green

Nothing says it better than this book's description - 'Periods don't just affect girls, they are an important part of life for everyone, so all young people need to know about them...Most women have periods, most men don't. But some men have periods, and some women don't. Regardless of gender, we can all benefit from learning about periods, smashing stigma and working towards a period empowered society.'

Why we love it: Brinkley-Green says it exactly how we feel it at Marilyn. Period health is for everybody - even if you don't or won't ever menstruate. An ideal read for doctors, health educators, parents, friends - anyone really.

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